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Human Resources Consulting

HR Outfitter provides project based and hourly human resources consulting services to companies that are associated with the outdoor adventure industry.  

We have experience with working on projects such as overhaling your compensation and benefits package, developing policy and procedures, employee end of season and mid season analytics, set up training programs, lead DEI initiatives, putting together an employee handbook, initiate systems, streamlining staff communication and other HR related projects.  Our team of experienced Human Resource professionals understand the facets of adventure tourism and know how to provide you with the best Human Resources services in the industry.

HR Outfitter also charges an hourly rate for unforeseen Human Resources needs such as advisement on employee relations, crafting culture, training, investigations, disciplinary procedures, and more.  

Our process delivers value by giving you piece of mind by having a HR professional available anytime and by providing you with the most recent HR services that are also practical in our industry.  Partner with us to learn why HR Outfitter is the leader in adventure Human Resources.

In a recent poll with more than 50 outfitters and guide companies,


of outdoor organizations do not utilize HR Technology.


of companies had two or more employee behavioral or performance issues per month.


of industry leaders are nervous or uncomfortable with having difficult conversations with staff.

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What Do I Pay My Employees?

Consulting Pricing

Our pricing model is based on the hours quotes for a specific project or may be based on the actual time worked by the consultants.  For example, if you would like for one of our consultants to draft a new policy for you, it may take three hours so your total cost would be $360.   

* If your Consulting Project or Training requires one of our consultants to travel to your location, additional travel costs may be charged.   

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