Independent Services

HR Outfitter's primary goal is to work with companies in an ongoing relationship, as that will provide the best overall outcome to our clients and the employees that work for them.  However, we understand that not every company needs ongoing staffing and HR support.  With that in mind, we have a couple of independent service options to serve those companies.  

Professional Head Hunting 

Is there a full time salaried position that you are having trouble finding the right person for?  If so we are able to recruit and screen candidates for you.  One of our Staffing Specialists will work with you to create an attractive job description and job posting.  After we receive candidates, we will screen the applicants to identify the best possible match.  We will present you with the best candidates for your ultimate selection.

Conditions: This is service is only available for full time exempt positions.  

Pricing: $500 non-refundable implementation fee + 15% of the candidates annual salary (payable after they have worked for the company for at least 3 months). 

Employee Handbook Development

Do you need an employee handbook created for your organization?  If so, our team will work with you to create all the policies and procedures that you may need and put it into one employee handbook.

Pricing: $20 per page, with a $1,000 minimum payment